“If I don’t get the lead in the Hollywood remake, I’ll be well p****ed off!” - Danny John Jules (Red Dwarf)



Jen by Leolionz- The Oc contest winner!

This is what guest judge Natalie Knowles had to say- This entry caught my attention for a number of reasons: 1. Originality, imagination and awareness of the Reynard City story. Leolionz has created a character with a backstory that fit into the Reynard City universe and that showed understanding of themes that are dealt with in the comics. 2. Drawing a character in a complex pose! I applaud artists that can draw their characters in active poses. The winning entry shows a character weight lifting, rather than a passive stance. The picture tells us so much more about the character, i.e. occupation, physicality and hobby/talent. 3. Providing a colour palette for the character. Imagine if this character was purchased by a publishing house and a team of artists were employed to draw and colour this character. There would be a brand guidelines to accompany the character showing all the poses, facial expressions and colours associated with the character. I was so impressed that the winning entry had provided a colour palette – again it showed awareness of brand. 4. Impressed with the tonal colouring skills. The winning entry had impressive muscles and these were coloured very well using tone, showing artistry and skill. Below are the other excellent entries, plus a meme for you to post your own OCs (if you like to RP you can post them in our roleplay forum here)